3 Frequently Asked Questions about a Prospective Marriage Visa

Migrating to Australia and getting Australian citizenship is not a walk in the park. The department of immigration has in place a rigorous system in which prospective applicants have to go through. However, if you plan to marry your Australian fiancé, then you are eligible for a prospective marriage visa. The visa allows you entry into Australia and the opportunity to marry your fiancé within the nine-month window that the visa is valid. It is vital to note that the fiancé visa is only a temporary document that should be lodged offshore. If you are planning on applying for a prospective marriage visa but know little about the process, then this article highlights some of the frequently asked questions in that regard.

Eligibility -- While anyone can apply for a prospective marriage visa, not everyone is eligible. Notably, you must fulfil particular criteria to increase your chances of success in the application process. First, according to Australian laws, only people that have attained the legal age of 18 years are allowed to marry. Therefore, you and your fiancé must be at least 18 years of age at the time of visa application. Second, you must prove that you are not married to anyone else at the time of application. The step requires an affidavit from a registered lawyer. Third, there should be proof that you are not related to your spouse-to-be. Satisfying these criteria is only the first step in the application process, and passing this phase increases your chances of success. 

Time Duration -- Once you have lodged your fiancé visa application with the Australian Department of Immigration, processing of the same commences immediately. On average, the waiting time for processing a fiancé visa is 6-8 months, although this might vary. It can be attributed to the fact that assessments are conducted on a case-by-case basis, and the reviews also depend on each applicant's circumstances. Therefore, you should understand that some conditions that are out of your control will affect the processing time of your application. You can, however, help to speed up the process by lodging a complete application and also by responding promptly to requests for additional information.

Fees -- According to the Australian Department of Immigration, the cost of a prospective marriage visa starts from $7000. The price is exclusive of other costs that are meant to cover health assessments, police certificates, or biometrics. In addition to this, you might be required to pay a fee for the partner visa. Immigration consultants advise that you pay for the partner visa fee before the prospective marriage visa expires because you stand to benefit from reduced costs.

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